Our Commitment to Safety

Safety is at the core of our values at Cross Renovation. Innovation with safety is fundamental part of who we are. We make a commit to our clients, community and employees that all of our activities are safe. We strive to be leaders in our industry and that can only be accomplished with safe practices and outcomes.

Shared Responsibility

The best leaders, lead by example. Safety starts at the top with safe business practices. Safety is top priority in meetings of our board members and our operations committee.

There is plenty of responsibility to go around. It’s our employees and committed management that create a truly safe working environment.

Planning and Implementation

Unsafe acts and conditions will not be tolerated, period. Safety is top of mind when planning. It’s about identifying any potential risks and do everything we can to eliminate or control any problems that might occur. All site-specific issues are always shared with prequalified bidders.

We include our customers in every aspect of the process. Involving all parties throughout the planning process achieves better safety results.

Constantly Improving

We strive to constantly improve our safety record. We require safety inspections be performed by our project superintendents. The provided information is used to improve safety throughout the company, from on site to corporate. It’s these standards that make Cross Renovation a safe and reliable place to work.

Cross Renovations believes that all employees should be in a safe work environment and are committed to our employees and families to provide just that.


Cross Renovation is CCT and is a Lead Abatement Contractor.

"We make it our pledge to provide our clients with access to quality products, excellent workmanship, outstanding customer service and state of the art design."

Owner Roger Butcher


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